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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bikini Waxing Tips

Bikini Waxing Tips. When it comes to bikini waxing we all love the results but the pain can sometimes be unbearable. Follow these easy tips and your bikini waxing will be alot easier then you ever though it would be, and you can be hitting the beach with a flawless bikini line in no time.

Always Exfoliate the day before waxing time. This will remove dead skin, allowing the wax to grip shorter hairs.

Skip the Brazilian. If its your first time going for a wax keep it basic and simple, that way it will hurt less.

Always plan your waxing trips after your period. Your pain tolerance is always higher a week after your period which means you can take the pain more.

Always comunicated with your esthetician to make sure you feel comfortable with the producure.

Remeber hard wax is always better than soft wax.

Before heading to the spa to get your waxing treatment be sure to take a pian reliever to reduce pain. Make sure its an hour before your appt that way it has time to kick in.

If you have to distract your mind from the pain turn your head and cough right before the wax is ripped off.

Try thinking happy thoughts and letting yourself day dream. Yes keeping your mind at ease with happy thoughts does help.

To make things easier take in a deep breath when the wax is applied and then breath out when the wax is being pulled off.



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Shaving is not the only way to remove the unwanted hairs. There are many Body waxing for men are available in market. Waxing off hair with a solution of hot wax is also a popular hair removal strategy. There are many varieties of waxing is available. Brazilian waxing is most popular in men. Waxing involves the application of warm wax on an area where men wants to remove the hairs.


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